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Travel Insurance

You can’t control cancelled flights, missed ships and other unexpected events, but you can protect yourself against the expense to remedy these situations.

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, travel insurance is your answer to the high costs related to the replacement of lost luggage or personal items, the interruption or cancellation of your trip, or emergency medical treatment and/or evacuation while traveling..


Trip interruption or cancellation – Suppose you had to cancel your vacation at the last minute. For those without travel insurance, that would mean a loss of all pre-paid, non-refundable deposits. With insurance, you forfeit nothing and all deposits will be reimbursed to you.

Emergency medical treatment – Depending on the type of coverage selected, you may be entitled to costs incurred as a result of emergency medical treatment and/or medical evacuation if you fall ill or injure yourself while traveling.

Lost, delayed or stolen luggage – You’re standing at the luggage carousel waiting for your bag, only it never shows. Now what? Luckily, you’ve got insurance and will receive payment to replace your missing items.


Hopefully, your trip will go exactly as planned and you’ll never have to think about that insurance plan you have just purchased. But if you experience even one minor event, such as a lost piece of luggage, your insurance has just paid for itself, and then some.


Be sure to contact a Travel Leaders travel agent today for information on policy plans and coverage suitable for your trip. Or, review plans of our preferred travel insurance providers on your own for quotes and enrollment information.

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